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TechnipFMC was introduced to InclusionNL through industry and they were able to increase our awareness on the barriers that persons with disabilities face when trying to obtain gainful employment.  With this information, our company had the opportunity to work with them.   InclusionNL provided advice, education and support through the whole process of identifying and placement of an employee.  This partnership has proven beneficial to our Company and for our very dedicated employee.  I look forward to working with InclusionNL in the future.

Dusty Mortensen

Manger, Human Resources & Administration

Working with InclusionNL has increased our awareness and understanding of barriers facing individuals with disabilities. The YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador has benefited from the engaging training sessions and on-going support from InclusionNL, resulting in an even more accessible and inclusive environment for all who use our facilities and services. Thank you InclusionNL!

Lisa Sheppard

Assistant General Manager

I had the pleasure of meeting part of the InclusionNL team late 2018 and from that moment I knew I had met the right people to help us achieve our goals. Over the next several months we were able to get moving on some of our goals, the first of which is education and the signing of an agreement with the Town of Stephenville. I can honestly say that without the personnel conversations and efforts put forth by InclusionNL I am sure this would not have happened. I look forward to continue to grow with you.

Maria Churchill

Recreation & Wellness Coordinator

Thanks to the expertise and commitment of InclusionNL, the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival has become the event standard for accessibility and inclusion innovation. Working with InclusionNL has been one of the most rewarding initiatives the festival has undertaken and we cannot recommend the organization highly enough!

Erin Whitney

Executive Director

The Mount Pearl Paradise Chamber of Commerce has been fortunate enough to have worked with InclusionNL over the past year and a half. We have seen the work they have done in our communities, the educational presentation they offered to our membership and I am happy to say they won one of our Best in Business Awards this past year for Employee Equity Award.  Very dedicated employees who reach out to any company interested in becoming inclusive!

Wanda Palmer

Executive Director

Working with InclusionNL has been a rewarding experience for both Hospitality NL staff and our members. InclusionNL has helped us, as the tourism industry association, to ensure our events are inclusive and to work with tourism operators, exploring opportunities to build more inclusive workplaces throughout the tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Melissa Ennis

Manager, Policy & Communications

The Mount Pearl Frosty Festival is proud of the partnership we have developed with InclusionNL.  They provided invaluable advice, education and training to our Board of Directors and volunteers, helping ensure our 80 plus events were as accessible and inclusive as possible. In addition, the friendly staff and volunteers with Inclusio NL offered front-line, client-focused services to our patrons, therefore enhancing the guest experience and overall success of the Frosty Festival. Kathy Hawkins, Mandy Penney and all the staff and volunteers with InclusionNL are helpful, enthusiastic and passionate about raising awareness and advocating for necessary changes that provide meaningful results and full inclusion for all people in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Wayne Andrews



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