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Terms of Reference – RFP

Terms of Reference – RFP

NL Employers Baseline Research

Detailed Terms of Reference – Research

The Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC) wishes to secure the services of a qualified consultant, or team of consultants, to undertake a research project concerning experiences of Newfoundland & Labrador employers with regards to inclusive employment practices related to people with disabilities. In conducting this research, we hope to gain valuable insight from employers on what they perceive to be their strengths and needs as it relates to hiring people with disabilities, accommodating current employees with disabilities, and creating a more inclusive workplace to enhance their businesses and ultimately increase their bottom line.

Consultants are asked to submit their proposal with details of their approach/methodology and other required information detailed in the attached Terms of Reference to Kathy Hawkins, ILRC Employer Supports & Services Program Manager by midnight February 22 (NST)

If you have questions or require additional information about this request, please contact Kathy prior to February 13th at TF: 1-844-517-1376

Detailed Terms of Reference – Research

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