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Subsidy Programs

A wealth of support

Employers interested in availing of financial support programs to enhance employment for people with disabilities have access to these government programs:

Employer Programs

A detailed listing of programs available through the provincial government for employers interested in further labour market exploration.

Wage Subsidies

Dept. of Advance Education & Skills | Government of Canada

These programs are designed for individuals currently receiving EI benefits and/or who have received them in the past three years.

JobsNL Wage Subsidy Application

Dept. of Advance Education & Skills | Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Enhancements have been made to wage subsidy programs, combining a number of wage subsidy programs into one including; NL Works, NL Wage Subsidy, Graduate Employment Program, and Wage Subsidy for Persons with Disabilities.

 The program provides funding for employers to create new positions. This program is available for individuals who are EI-Eligible, non EI-Eligible, or receiving income support.

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