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Best Practices in Service Delivery

Learning by example

Written Articles

Scarborough Tim Horton’s Canada’s 1st with Order Assist

For more information, or to purchase OrderAssist, FuelCall, and BigBell, please visit Inclusion Solutions.

Video Playlists

Accessibility in Ontario

This list hosts 60 videos showcasing actual businesses and public institutions that are utilizing best practices in customer services for people with disabilities.

Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, and Employment

This Ontario government web page has multiple videos offering guidelines on best practices in serving customers with different disabilities in various service sectors like serving customers who are deaf in a retail setting.

Featured Videos

Verizon ASL Customer Service for the Deaf Video – 3:17, US

This video talks about their videophone customer service in ASL offered in 11 states for communicating with customers who are deaf.

Culver’s DriveThru Assistance for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing – 3:35, US

This American news show demonstrates OrderAssist in use and talks to the manager of the restaurant that has installed it.

Karen Meyer ABC 7 – FuelCall Gas Pumping for People with Mobility Disabilities, 3:30, US

This American news show demonstrates FuelCall in use and how it talks to a customer with a mobility disability.

ABC Chicago: Small Business Accessibility with BigBell, 3:50, US

This American news show demonstrates BigBell in use, which is a button to get assistance in the front of the store, especially for portable ramps. They also talk with landlords and store owners about the system.

Accessible Customer Service Training for FRPO, 1:29, Access ON

This video talks about inclusive customer service in the rental housing industry.

Accessible Customer Service at Home Hardware, 1:10, Access ON

This video talks about inclusive customer service, including persons with significant visual loss and a person using a mobility aid.

Accessibility at The Shaw Festival, 2:31, Access ON

This video shows how the theatre has listening devices for people with a significant hearing impairment, and that they offer several shows where they provide two ASL interpreters. Also, they talk about their accessibility for people with mobility disabilities.

Kevin Ackles – Great Customer Service at Culver’s – 1:47, US

In this video, a customer without a disability talks about their positive experience seeing a deaf person use OrderAssist and how loyal he has become to the business because of it.

Bridgehead Accessible Coffee House – 3:05, Access ON

In this video, the staff speak about serving a regular customer with schizophrenia. Also, the reporter talks with people with mobility aids enjoying the inclusive service.

Innovative museum tours at the Royal Ontario Museum, 2:13, Access ON

This video talks about the ASL-led tours, as well as the tours that allow people with significant visual loss to touch certain exhibits coupled with Braille depictions of objects. It also discusses the museum’s inclusive signage and features for people with mobility impairments.

How Can I Help You? – Part 3 – Providing Accessible Customer Service 2:38, Access ON

This video discusses what is needed overall to provide inclusive good customer service to all.

Hospitality: Serving Guests With Disabilities – 11:09, US

This video has a scenario for a guest with mobility challenges where first they encounter the usual barriers in a hotel, and then it runs through the same scenario where they encounter an inclusive design and great support from staff. Another double scenario shows the different experiences for a person with a significant visual loss.

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Accommodation in the Workplace

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A great work environment involves flexibility and understanding, both for the employer and the employee. So, chances are you are already making accommodations.

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Newfoundland Power is currently seeking an outgoing and energetic individual to join their Team as a representative for the takeCHARGE Instant Rebate Program.

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