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Alternate Formats

Meeting the customer’s needs

Alternate format is best defined by examples rather than a definition. Alternate formats enable people with disabilities to access information that, in its original format, would not be available to them.

Easy Read: is a format where words are made simple, and pictures are used with words to clarify what is being said.

Plain Language: is using text that gets across your message clearly and easily without too many words or technical language. Plain language is not defined by a technique, it is defined by the results of being easy to read, understand, and use.

Braille: is a code that presents written information. Braille is read by touch, usually using the first finger on one or both hands. It consists of patterns of raised dots arranged in cells of up to six dots. Each cell represents a letter, number, or punctuation mark.

Open, closed, and real time captioning: open and closed captioning are tools that display the dialogue, narration, and sound effects of DVDs, videos, and TV programs as words on the bottom of the screen. Real time captioning is a process of transcribing spoken word in “real time” (a few seconds delay). It is used with conferencing systems and Internet.

Large-print: is published material in which text size is larger than regular print. Typically, 18pt font is a good size for large-print, but it could be smaller or larger depending on the individual.

Electronic text format: is an electronic text copy of a document, book, or any text. It is usually saved in a Rich Text Format (RTF), Word document format (DOC), HTML, or an accessible PDF.

Digital Audio: is text translated to digital file to use in audio players, i.e. audio books.



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